CCTV Tester MKII 003


At the moment of design, I have utilised only four switches with the fifth being a switch-over relay. The function of each switches are:


This is the final layout of the control panel for the tester

A - Momentary Push Button with modified LED

- Activates LCD Monitor

- Activates built-in CCTV Camera (when selected from selector switch)

- Indicates External CCTV power supply Polarity

B - 3-way 4-Pole rotary switch

- Selects video signel from external CCTV source

- Selects video signal from built-in CCTV camera

- Tests for cable status

C - Toggle switch with rocker cover

- Activates cable test circuit

D - Double pole Double toggle momentary  switch

- Selects and activates voltage meter to test internal battery

- Selects and activates voltage meter to test external 12v power supply

E - Double pole 12v switchover relay

- Automatically switches to external power when there is voltage

- In this mode, all monitors, CCTV and Polarity are active

- In battery mode, all testing must be manually activated



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