This is my first foray into actual NERF modifications. I have toyed with the idea before but nothing concrete as there was no motivation for me to do so. Moreover, the number of NERF guns being sold here at that time was not much. Which means, if I did a boo-boo, I would have to save up until I have enough for another spare and also, hopefully that no one bought any during that time. But in actual fact, the NERF movement here was virtually unheard of and most of the NERFs I had at that time was from eBay.

But thanks to Richard of The Outpost, NERF in Malaysia is starting to make an entrance and slowly, it is getting some attention from kids to... well, adults. The main reason, I guess, was that NERF (Non Expanded Recreation Foam) was neither as dangerous nor expensive when compared to Airsoft or Paintballs. You do not need much to get into the game as all you ever need was the NERF gun and well, some eye protection. NERF can be played practically anywhere, from your house to an empty carpark to public parks and even a hall.




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