NERF Sharpshot

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This is the first real modification I have ever done to a NERF. The Sharpshot is the latest NERF to enter the market and its from the Dart Tag series. This is an entry level gun and so, is a single shot. What you need to do is to pull the yellow slider back to prime the gun, insert the dart and youíre ready to shoot.



OK, the box is big. And also, it feels very chunky. With the weird triangle located at one side, I had some problems holding on to it with one hand. Once you open the box, you get the impression that the Sharpshot is big. A few snips with the scissors and you're ready to play.

Opening the box reveals the gun and 4 DART TAG darts. There is also a carabiner which allows you to attach the gun part of your clothing. I am not going to use this feature because personally, I always prefer a holster of some kind.


The Sharpshot compared to the Nitefinder, which to me, is its equivalent. Both are single shots and have holders in the front for spare darts. Where they differ is how each was primed. The Nitefinder uses a pull lever while the Sharpshot uses a slider but effectively, the end result is the same.


The grip of the gun is nice but somehow, after holding it for a longer period, my palm keeps being disturbed by the carabiner 'ring' at the grip. Also, I feel that the trigger is too close and I prefer it to be about 1.5cm further away. But there is one other thing which bothers me; the lower part of the Sharpshot angles to the front making it feel like I was holding a mini bullhorn.


This is the distance I got which is not bad as the gun has not been modded yet.


Letís explore the Sharpshot. The first thing I need to do is to see how much space there inside. I need to remove the forward yellow cowl. To do this, I have to remove the five screws and then slowly pry them off.


Wonderful. The yellow cowl is actually decoration. Even when removed, the gun can still function but this leaves the yellow slider looking very odd. The nice thing is, with the yellow cowl removed, everytime you pull the slider back, you can see the inner parts of the gun moving. Also, if you want to retain the Sharpshot in this manner, you would need to paint the slider the same colour as the gun or it will really distract the viewer. Anyway, I now need to remove the slider. This is held by three screws.



This is absolutely beautiful but because the slider is now gone, the gun cannot be primed. The gun is still not accessible because is held shut with about five more screws.

This is how the gun looks like when the shell is removed. At first glance, there is a lot of space but once you have determined the type of batteries, you realized that this is a very compact gun. Initially, I wanted the gunís batteries to be accessible by opening a hatch but because of the cowling, it is not possible. This idea can still be forced but this would mean they will jut out a little and with minimal tools on my part, I decided to skip the idea altogether and have the power source inside which means you need to open up the gun to change the batteries.

This is the reason why the gun cannot be primed once the slider is out. This is because of the metal part inside the slider which is used to pull the tube backwards.

All in all, I can fit in some AAA batteries. So, my modification to the Sharpshot is the visual effect and not its performance. There will be no external switches on the gun as it will be activated by two micro switches located inside. This means the electronics will activated during trigger pulls.



















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