Diamond Select Toys's Back to the Future "II" DeLorean

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After more than a few weeks deliberation, I finally gave in and bought this from The Outpost. Besides, it was sitting there on the shelves for a very long time. Actually, I only heard about its existence just after March and try as I might, I could not get any over here. At that time, it was an Entertainment Earch exclusive which means its 'hard to get' and it THE Back to the Future II flying De Lorean. And the closest miss I got was from the Weekend Bazaar at Amcorp Mall which was sold the week before. Then Richard told me he was receiving some, I was very excited but when Peter went to the shop, he confirmed it was the toy from the first movie, with the 'Back to the Future II' words printed on the box, which really disappointed me a lot. But in the end, here it is, right in my hands!

So, do you really want to ask why I got this instead of waiting for the actual flying Delorean? Because ,you see, all three Back to the Future movies uses the DeLorean. And when a manufacturer makes them, chances are, they would make a base Delorean and then adapt it with various accessories from each different movie. And I am never wrong on this because due to manufacturing costs and a very short time-to-market, this is the only path they can take.

So, you can see now, that this DeLorean model IS the basic platform the manufacturers will use on. Later on the next page, there is evidence which supports my assumptions.

At 1/15 scale, the toy is quite big and measuring at nearly 13½ inches, I really want to consider it as a possible Studio Scale Model. One nice thing about the packaging is that there are no twist wires which was very common in the 1990's till 2009. These wires did its job too well. Some toys or models are made from very soft plastic which made the wires easier to warp them. Or if the wires are not of good quality, it will leave a mark instead. This happens when different vinyls or plastic coming into contact with each other after a long period of time. Or, they just  frustrate you when you want to open it in a hurry.


OK, so don't have the proper lighting and smoke machine but this was how I wanted to show the toy to you, just like when you saw it for the first time in the movie, as it was coming out of Doc Brown's trailer. Anyway, the packaging of the box is in two tray halves, both are molded clear plastics. The bottom half was molded to let the toy sit securely on its wheels while its ends can be folded to contain the front and the end. The upper tray is mirrored which gives a nice effect when the flux tubes light up. It also keeps the toy from moving up and down during transport.


As I said again, its a very big toy. Since I don't have a Coke can with me, I used an equivalent Internet Approved Non-Coke Measuring Device to show you the size. Its big. And so, with the free rolling wheels and all, its not easy to hold the car properly. See the two smudges at the bonnet near the lights? It was caused by the upper molded plastic tray. Sigh.


Also, I want to remind you again, as it is very easy to fall into the illusion, that this is a toy and not a model. So, the details are enough to pass off as a Back to the Future Delorean metres away. Anyway, play with the mode...er, toy, you just press the square button at the back. Of course, this is not accurate since its supposed to be slanted backwards for the lightning rod (not included in the toy).


While I was playing with it, I noticed that nothing lit up except for the flux tubes and it kept playing the same sound effect over and over again. Then after I sat down for a while, only did I realise there should be a switch to go from 'Demo' to 'Play' mode. And I was right, and it was located in the battery compartment in the bonnet. Although you do not have to open the battery cover, but I did and then, a 'clunk' sound made me realise that the nut holding the screw was not secured properly. Although putting a nut there is great since the designers thought about the constant wear and tear caused by narmal screws on plastic, somehow, the person who did the manufacturing did not seal the nut proplerly.


Once I got the switch in the right position, everything lit up. For example, the DeLorean's dashboard and the time circuits. However, if you look closely, there are light leaks where the console joins the floorboards. But the plutonium and the power meters do not light up. I might have to redo the dashboard and the time circuits first. Here, I suspect its just two bulbs in the dashboard.


Here, the rear lights up quite nicely but somehow, putitng a red LED to represent all the lights and also the reactor vent is not a good idea once you settle down and watched the movie again. So, this area would need some work.


The DeLorean at that time uses yellowish incandescent light for its headlamps and not those new bluish HID bulbs. So, this would have to be reworked too. And it has double headlights, not one. Not only that, the are a pair of orange lights under the main headlights, right behind the flux tubes, which was always lit.


But the main problem is that the flux tubes are clear resin plastic and its not easy to redo them. Since they're frosted, the lights from the Blue LED was diffused quite well. In reality, the flat area are actually metal mesh.


Looking at the interior, if you do not mind the molded seatbelts, tere is something else which I am not pleased at; look at the white TFC swicth. Its not glued properly.


Here it is again. Not the 'Y' activator, its even glued badly. But what is most important is that there were no details on the console box too. A sticker represents the whole internal workings of an otherwise transparent switch.


I was pleasantly suprised when I looked up the roof of the toy. Here, they have molded all the buttons and switches. But for me, I want to redo them so that they will light up and also, of the correct size. I am not sure if they blinked in random, though.


Looking at the rear of the seats, the small details are even there, apart from the Flux capacitor, that is. See the red wire? Its not supposed to be there but since the car was designed as if Doc Brown cobbled all the parts from a surplus store, it looked like part of the detail. Anyway, the square box behind the wires needs to be lit.


I am not sure the three buttons are lit as well but I will have to find out more on this. But all I can say, if I wanted more details from the toy, this would the the closest I would get. So, all in all, I am quite happy with this as now, this is the only DeLorean big enough to satisfy me.


As I am not an expert with the DeLorean, so I cannot comment much about the rear except that its for functionally beautiful.


Everyone on the Internet claims that it can accept 3.75 inch action figures. Which is true but they do have problem with the doors.


Halo, stop fooling around, OK?


I still could not believe that John DeLorean passed away and the factory in Ireland closed down decades ago. If there was one car that I would like, it would be the DeLorean.


Anyway, after exploring the toy, there were a lot of ideas in my head. The original intention was to put a remote control circuit inside there so I can activate it from a distance. But now, having seen bits of the movie again and also looking at the actual props on the Internet, my mind has changed. And once again, I do feel that in this project, I have bitten off more than I can chew. Haih.