Diamond Select Toys's Back to the Future "II" DeLorean

[01062010 1900]

The remote Control

Dang. I just had this a few nights ago and I've been keeping this for almost a year. Now, with the storeroom shuffle, I 've lost it again. What am I talking about? Its a 4-channel radio remote controller. The same ones where you deactivate your car alarm (or maybe not), garage doors or auto-gates. So, I don't have the exact picture to show it to you, but the one from my blog would give you the idea:

This is a single channel. But the one had was 4-channels. Still, a single channel would work fine because I could not think of any other modifications for the DeLorean. Version II yes, but Version I, no.


But because remotes uses battery as well, 12 volts in fact, I have to say, the car's electronics is going to be powered from a wall adaptor. And using a switchover relay and some diodes, this is possible. The theory is (for you guys to think about), when I plugged this to the wall adaptor, the DeLorean would have the following characteristics:

1) Car's main headlights, rear lamps, cabin interiors would be lit. Gull-wing doors and interior courtesy lamp might be lit when doors are opened but this is as soon as I can find out more about how a  real DeLorean works.

2) Flux capacitor and SIP would be lit along (running lights during 'standby' and lights up when the flux tubes are lit*)

3) Exhausts would glow white on and off (but in theory, should be off when going through time travel and on AFTER time travel)

4) No plan to modify the car's main sounds as the 'DEMO" setting is ideal for this remote modification. It has the three sonic booms, and the exact sound (OK, but the screeching tires are annoying after you play with it a loto f times)

* - This is just as afterthough. No plans yet to do this/think further as this involves some fibreoptics.




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